SugarCane and Abel 2

This is an updated version of the song. I really wasn’t happy with it before so I reworked the whole thing. This one is much smoother. I still have a few tweaks I want to add but I think this is a much better representation. Check it out let me know what you think. Comments very, very welcomed.


New Song Sugarcane and Abel

Hope You enjoy it, still working out the bugs but here’s a first glance.

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Valentines Day

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Reposting expired song links

Brand New Song!!!! (I know I’ve owed you one for a long time, so here it is)

It’s called Hello Morning, hope you like. (Feedback much appreciated)

Revamped Building on a pile of Sand and Gold

So I wasn’t really happy with my last version of Building on a Pile of Sand and Gold. Therefore I did it again with some different arrangement. While I’m still not happy with the recording quality and I’d like to tighten it up, I’m much happier with this version. If it’s not asking to much, give it a listen and let me know what you think.

Building on a Pile of Sand and Gold

Hey everyone, just finished a new song and thought I’d share it with you all. Forgive the voice I’m still getting over the flu and I have quite a cough. Also this is kind of just a rough draft who knows what it will become. 🙂

A shorter poem!

Dealing with Procrastination Among Other Things

By Jason Rodgers

Canvas, my paint is dry
Is my privilege taken for granted?

I have run into a wall of sorts,
repeating myself and making some mistakes

If I see it but I don’t move,
I’m certain it’s going to hit me.

Let me ponder awhile.

Times up!!!

I Guess a Poem was in Order

Peace in Troubled Night

By Jason Rodgers

The presence of peace in the storm
A whisper in the wind
the grace to forgive

Plans in motion grind to a halt

motion sickness

engine sputter

cleave to your ring,
the marriage between the bride and her king

My will shutters
The lights go out
I’m in the dark
But one light still shines
It guides me

To providence we ride
We journey together
In life we sing
In death we live forever

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